Thursday, February 18, 2010

Westjet And Salaries What Is The Best Site For Cheap International Airfare From Vancouver?

What is the best site for cheap international airfare from Vancouver? - westjet and salaries

I doubt that anyone will have a good answer to this. I moved to Vancouver from Europe and, although I am not an island, I feel trapped. Friggin plane ticket is expensive ....

So please do not tell me: WestJet AirCanada, AirTransat, harmony, Expedia, Travelocity, cuz Flight Center and travel to Seattle, too!

Has anyone a website or an airline that I have personally used to find lead in Europe, for the salary of less than one month for the love of God? :-(

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Palmisan said...

It seems that the establishment of a trusted friend - where is a will, a way for everyone - do not lose hope and try to be patient with the sniffles .....

I know I've tried many options and you're still empty-handed - especially for all my reservations about use - the price was cheaper than all the other pages and I think that experience is better than good .. ..

So try - I will pray for your benefit --

All the best - Buddy ...


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