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Crusing In Nj Why Does The Plane Go Slow When At Crusing Altitude?

Why does the plane go slow when at crusing altitude? - crusing in nj

FS 2004 and when I now and then my cruising altitude of 20,000 feet in the A319 or plane, the plane is not moving fast your 250-300 knots, the 350 is like the mph? What if it seems to be closer to the earth, too, faster, slower you go.


Bizjet Flyer said...

I will try a simple answer without going into a whole series of lectures in schools, but it is a complex issue, if you have not had any formal instruction.

There are several types of speed. Most are called "speed" and "true airspeed."

Speed is what you are looking at the speedometer. It is derived from the measurement of pressure in the Pitot tube, a sensor exposed to the air stream, usually in the nose or wings. The speed is a measure of the amount of air above the wing. It is he who is more interested in flying planes, as all the benefits figures and limits are based on the vehicle.

The actual speed is the speed of the plane actually moves in the air. The speed is always displayed less than the speed when in flight levels. The air is thin up there. In fact, the air at 18,000 feet half the density, as the sea level. There is less air that goes through the Pitot tube and OVFirst, the wings, but you actually go much faster.

Is to 34,000 feet, the speedometer indicates a speed of 260 knots airspeed, but the actual speed is actually more like 440-460 knots, depending on temperature.

Ben Dere Dun Dat said...

The reason for this is that slows the greatest height in the indicated airspeed, although it still remains the "real" level the same. The reason is the basis of the thin air at 20,000 feet, making it act less molecules of air in the pitot tube on the anemometer. The "golden rule" to estimate the actual speed is expressed by half its size, in-flight surfaces have (FL200, for example) and add the rate shown. SO 200 / 2 + 300 = 400 knots indicated true (multiplied by 1.15 = 460 kmh)

See this link: ...

Techwing said...

Speed (IAS) is not the same true airspeed (TAS) and the instruments that typically show the network adapter instead of SAD (sometimes both). As altitude increases, the network adapter for a particular CAS, the more and more in height, which seems to go slower at low altitude speed basis only. But in reality it is much faster. The cruise phase of flight is, in fact most of the flight.

The program of the aircraft, because IAS directly to things like speed and minimum speed to be in the stable, and because it includes the effect of low air density at high altitudes. The actual speed is closer to the actual speed on the floor and makes the actual speed through the air as well, but since the aerodynamic properties of NIC problem closer to the SA, IAS aircraft demonstration.

saaber89 said...

Have you ever been in a real airplane? If you take off or landing and the ground nearby, it seems that you are too fast. But as more and more away from the earth, you see more of them, it seems that you are too slow. The same is true when riding in a car. When you do 50 mph on a straight road, telephone poles go by very quickly, but a chain of mountains in the distance very slowly.

Adam R said...

They seem to walk slowly, because the 35,000 meters in the air. And when you talk about the engine noise, engine completely silent when he's not working as hard as climbing regulate, but in fact go as fast as before, but the leverage is not in action, burn more fuel than you think to For example, the Boeing 777 to burn a liter per second when at full power. There is no way you are in London, the SFO at this speed or even the East Coast.

Mike said...

Since you are so high, there are less air molecules inside the pitot tube bounce (a small tube to the outside air velocity measurements), so that the pressure is lower. The higher you go, the more pressure, more speed specified.

Mark said...

Watch your speed over the ground.

Get E6B and determine their actual speed.

With the simulator, get books from basic training.

VX-A320 said...

IF U HAVE Ur speed settings is shown appears to be slower .. Change of true airspeed and climb at 450 KIAS

Kasey C said...

It is perfectly normal. The air density is less overhead, and "reading speed is lower.

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