Sunday, February 7, 2010

Ovary Removal Blogspot Any Natural Suggestions For Coping With Early Menopause, Due To Ovary Removal And Hysterectomy?

Any natural suggestions for coping with early menopause, due to ovary removal and hysterectomy? - ovary removal blogspot

Get out I use hormone replacement therapy and wants. I feel cheated of my youth, but I'm through. I did not expect to face this year, another 20 or more. I feel so rapidly aging, but he is so young and alive on the inside. I tryed black cohosh, but kept my hot flashes, I had all of 20 minutes. Any suggestions would be great.


Rev.Mich... said...

I understand your dilemma, which had a total hysterectomy at age35, I took the hormone replacement therapy, but I was very nervous, I started with Estrovent a natural hormone, is also working on progesterone cream. If we throw in the menopause of the United Nations, is of course a blow to our system, with devastating effects on our emotions and body. Also, try to eat foods with natural estrogen in them, such as sweet potatoes, eat lots of vegetables, was also a good vitamin and minerals. It may take several months to work these things because they build on your system. I still have hot flashes, but not serious. Keep your skin supplied with moisture, I have a line of skin care with vitamin C used by Adrian on HSN, it brings the freshness of the skin. Please note that your skin is an organ and must be fed, I also have my own face masks, banana, strawberry, aloe am given these natural peptides in the skin as an infusion. Hope this helps Hun, if you have any questions, please contact me.
God bless you!

im_da_qw... said...

Botanical contain or act like estrogen May are the benefits of estrogen to relieve symptoms of menopause.

You should try other botanists. Some are
Red clover, hops, dong quai, flax and soy in the diet.

Add soy protein in the form of food to your daily diet as animal protein.

Consider) the Taking supplements of vitamin E (ure talking to your doctor about

Try deep, slow abdominal breathing (6) to 8 breaths per minute. Practice deep breathing for 15 minutes in the morning, 15 minutes in the afternoon and the occurrence of hot flashes.

Exercise daily. Walking, swimming, dancing and cycling are good choices, with yoga.

Stress And last but not least, avoid the heat, caffeine, alcohol, tight clothes and cigarette smoke.

I hope this helps u!

Dottie said...

Many women use soy products on the market and yam creams to rub on the health food stores. but if you stay on hormones that control their concentration in the blood likely.

I have seen women my age, I have for the case 20 years ago, who knows not to miss any more children, I know that if they do not come to hormones and have a hard life, hard on the skin or what, but not take care of them and lost their elasiticity their skin.

do not worry, but I have to take special care of you now. Ice water will help to heat waves, but often a cure. You can try all soy products, and Google:
You can help w / what products and how often.

Good luck.

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