Friday, February 12, 2010

Aluminum Male Model Images Long Term Health Effects From Inhalation Of Plastic And Aluminum Fumes While Smoking Pot?

Long term health effects from inhalation of plastic and aluminum fumes while smoking pot? - aluminum male model images

When I 15-16 (I am 18 years now), my friends and I used marijuana from a pipe from a water bottle, empty plastic pen from the smoke tube shaft plastic and aluminum foil wrapped to give a pen, a bowl. The plastic around the tip of the pen a little melted several times (most recently, after we do is let the spring) bend. Approximately 6 months, maybe 6-12 months after I stopped smoking completely, I had a collapsed lung. The doctors say it comes spontaneously in tall and thin, so it is not necessarily linked to it (I have not mentioned). It has six months since the surgery and still the pain. . . a little ashamed to admit that I do something stupid to my doctor or surgeon. Could that happen, my health, although I have some bad chCtio? I have the device before, between 0-3 times per week for maybe two years, has never been a user of hard drugs. I will soon go to college and really want not to die or something .. dr apt tomorrow, please?


the crusader said...

You really need your doctor to say what he did. He or she will be able to help them be better. Do not worry about sounding stupid. Doctors and nurses listen to all kinds of things that are much worse than a child in puberty smoking marijuana. Tell your doctor tomorrow. It is to their advantage.

Alex said...

I suppose I should tell the doctor, but I say that they have not already. The confidentiality of patient and doctor to know.

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