Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lyrics Gods Hand On The Wheel Artist What's This Song?

What's this song? - lyrics gods hand on the wheel artist

from today ..... I think a diary of the song. I will change the text and then the Post is the one who does the right song and artist will receive 10 points ...... Task will be easy to start today .....

It is ...... What is it?

I shot with my hair in the front seat of his car.he 's got a hand on the steering wheel feel undone, the other on my heart. I look to turn the stereo, said child does something wrong. I say, think nothing, as we have a song, and he said that this song a screen door Sneakin slamma input end of the window when we are on the phone and speak slowly, cuz is not the late and your mama knows. Our song is the way to the first day that I did not laugh, kiss and should have.and When I got homeIIF I said amen asking God, who could play again. I walked up the steps after everything that was wrong on that day was on and lost and make the hall and stepped on the way to my feet


JAKC said...

Taylor Swift "Our Song"

So Now I Sing said...

is a country song. I looked to see the video.

BOOBOO aka BRANDI said...

It is Taylor Swift.
It's called "Our Song"

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