Saturday, February 13, 2010

Cervix Open Period Due Pregnant Miscarrying??? Cervix Slightly Open At 5 Weeks Pregnant And It Wasnt Last Week....This Is My Second Pregnancy?

Miscarrying??? Cervix slightly open at 5 weeks pregnant and it wasnt last week....This is my second pregnancy? - cervix open period due pregnant

and closed defiinitely stricter than it is now. Is it because I now use my time, and that open at this point anyway? Or is it is a miscarriage?


Vicky said...

Please stop digging in there. The doctors have a very good reason, no internal review of the first date, going to work until 36 weeks, playing with the cervix cause premature birth or miscarriage. When in doubt, ask your doctor for an internship if you do feel good.

PS: Also, the mucus plug will be formed for 5 weeks, it is a major obstacle to the opening of the cervix, causing the problems.

baby love 2010 said...

HUN I say you go to your doctor. I had many miscarriages, and was thus. The best advice I can give is to talk to a doctor immediately so that we can do an ultrasound and see what's going on up there.

If you need someone please contact me to talk babylove.2010


Princess said...

I had this problem when I received my first vaginal exam OB. She prescribed progesterone and I have exceeded my second quarter., Function and my child will be 8 weeks. I also agree that you should stop their own tests. You can also transfer harmful bacteria to your baby. Please make an appointment with your gynecologist. There is never a stupid reason to have visited your OB!

<3 said...

Have an open throat during pregnancy is often a sign of a miscarriage. However, I have heard of many cases where I was bleeding and he was open and the baby was fine. Talk to your doctor and see what they say.

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