Thursday, February 11, 2010

Birdcage Oil Holder I Am Building A Wooden Birdcage & Was Woundering If There Is Any Way That I Could Stop Them From Shewing On It

I am building a wooden birdcage & was woundering if there is any way that i could stop them from shewing on it - birdcage oil holder

ok my birds on the wooden box that I build will be displayed, and I am woundering how to stop so I could plant oil to brush the cage, so they would stop, or what can I do to help please


Nate said...

Man, I'm sorry to say this, but the birds chewing things to pieces! In nature, chipping branches and leaves, so that, if I did I would buy a metal cage. Do not place anything on the bars, because it could poison that could go wrong and vegetable oil and bacteria in it. Moreover, one can not really correct a wooden cage keep clean. If I were you, I'll share my creative skills in a playful hook on the little devils can focus without feeling bad about chewing.

Parrothe... said...

The wood that is exposed to them, may be replaced by "right size" of wire that help reduce the amount of damage they can do to be covered timber. For example, you could in a can of rat cockatoos. Large birds require larger wire gauge and so on.

I have to build nest boxes, as they chew into the trough of the wave, how (and therefore falling eggs!). They thus have a wooden box for the season, without the eggs. Difficulty disinfect cages, if you plan to use long term. ) In the short term (eg, nests are usually OK to build with wood. Even the birds can not play nest (rearing and others) with the boxes, so you can try instead of the entire field. I built cages with plastic cable ties and porkc plumbing, if the construction of a cage is a necessity (as opposed to the woodworking hobby, opposite). You can also use a pipe plumbing if you know what to look (lead, etc.).

corrinee... said...

I'm not running! Birds chew "

Buddy said...

LOL! If you do not want the birds to chew through the cage, go get a metal. Birds chew and chew and chew ... Can you avoid that wet water? Neither can stop a bird from chewing. Instead of wood, try welding shop.

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