Friday, February 5, 2010

Should I Spend 300 On Tripod Please Help Me Find A High Quality Digital Camera For Professional Wide Lens Photos?

Please help me find a high quality digital camera for professional wide lens photos? - should i spend 300 on tripod

I work for a hotel and you do some image quality very good for our brochure and website. I borrowed a camera for someone with a large lens of the camera that was perfect for the job, but I have my own pictures to take in the short term if needed.

We can not afford to pay a huge amount of spending by the camera (up to 300 pounds). Can anyone recommend the best beach of the quality of the camera with the money? It would be ideal if I could also buy a tripod, so that in the future.


IG64 said...

for the price of your SOL.

If digital, you need a digital SLR camera. A point-and-shoot camera with wide-angle lens is a lot of lens distortion. Now granted, you can eliminate this distortion with Photoshop CS3, but the software may cost around $ 1000 £ 500 so I doubt you want to start that way.

In the DSLR route has a small problem. because most digital SLR sensors do not use full-frame 35mm, 18mm equal to 18 of its reality than 27 mm is ... and a certain distortion of the lens. If you wanted a full frame sensor would have to obtain a high-end Canon and it would go beyond well beyond the budget.

I think that with a limited budget and the desire to go, around the corner is better to use a film SLR and a good wide angle lens. You can get used to a component with a very good price and then when the film is developed only negatives are scanned.

Anthony said...

I do not know what you mean U, a compact digital camera or a digital SLR camera that?
U If you need a good camera to use multiple effects suggest that a digital SLR is to get underground, a kind of beginning: eg. Canon EOS 400D, Nikon D40x. This digital SLR is a better control, or the photo, above all provide some of the landscapes and photography.

HaSiCiT Bust A Tie A1 TieBusters said... your question, you think a SLR or a point and shoot camera. "This refers to professional SLR cameras. EUR 300, you may need a camera, then there is the cost of a lens £ 100 +

eliyhaou a said...

This is a good camera for you ...

Al Zymer said... ...

Paul R said...

Pentax K110D from Photo Optix 240 pounds.
No digital SLR world, but also not bad, and it costs money, a compact camera. 6MP resolution is for the A4 and A3 size pictures, certainly more than what you need enough for the Internet.
This should be enough to change a memory card, some batteries and a tripod base (if you have a tip to go stand one of its own brand, very good)

The lens that comes with this camera is equivalent to an angle of 28 mm in width in a regular film SLR, you will have nothing on these species, even in a compact, may be able to pick up a Low-K Mount lens fit on eBay.

The good thing about buying a DSLR that there spend more money to improve and can not replace with your system.

Elvis said...

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Heleny M said...

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