Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Trion Z Bracelet Trion Z Golf Bracelet?

Trion z golf bracelet? - trion z bracelet

Has anyone used the bracelets Trion z? if they work for their money, like other magnetic bracelets cost much more than the trion z? I need these bracelets bromine, because there's always back and knee espically after a walk on the golf course


x-15a2 said...

I own Trion: Z bracelets are great! I like negative ions and magnets, but are much less expensive than other bracelets.

I think that will work Trion: Z very well. I bought from an eBay dealer, I have a little under $ 15, including shipping.

david said...

Dear Nortre,
Yes, I have recently bought one of the TGW.Com and are only $ 17.00 a pretty good price if you do not want more pay for the Q-Link Gold and silver cuffs that can cost more money . I have, as I drove my truck and play golf. They will help you stay relaxed and not fustrated with his play.
Thank you,
David King

mcbush25 said...

I have some of the Trion: Z bracelets and necklaces, one for. I use always think if I play, and I feel much calmer and not really any pain. Now I can say that they take away the pain? No, I think it can the placebo effect, more than anything else, but I can confirm that they work well, so just follow the example.

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