Sunday, January 3, 2010

N Gauge Train Layouts N Gauge Train Slows Down And Stops Why?

N gauge train slows down and stops why? - n gauge train layouts

I bought a train yesterday and when I lit my Carriger a train ride slow in some parts of my design eletricly any help here: P.


Hemi Cuda said...

Ive train traffic model for a fair while (mostly HO)

Problem is to configure less, that they will always be permanent. sometimes the old lines of the problem are simply not good enough to get a power connection is sometimes enough to fly with one engine, but to consume another pilot may spend more energy than the electricity demand of the entire circuit.

Engines sometimes with the theme of separation, if the device to connect.

I would like to examine the connections and change bad start.

Best of luck to ya.

mariner3... said...

First, check that all incoming rail are tight, if not, correct the situation.

Next note where it stops ... same location every time? Is it far from the location of the electrical connection of the track?

If so, add an additional power supply to the track at the end of the loop.

If that does not ... Clean track and wheels of the locomotive with the right tools and materials.


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