Saturday, January 16, 2010

Namibia Safari Tours Which Is The Best Place For A Safari Out Of Namibia And Botswana?

Which is the best place for a safari out of Namibia and Botswana? - namibia safari tours

I'm going for my honeymoon May I do not want to Kenya or Tanzania, since the rainy season.

Thank you!


TheWildS... said...

Namibia and Botswana are very different, but both titles.

The Botswana safari is a much more traditional, focused where a large number of animals and activities at the numbers game of biodiversity. The ability to go into areas of private concession, can off-road game just very exclusive set of vehicles.

Namibia Etosha National Park, there are many animals and is the only place with competition in Botswana, but when driving on roads and more people. The focus in the rest of the most spectacular landscapes of Namibia and low densities of species adapted to harsh conditions. I really enjoyed my stay in Namibia, but has been in Botswana, over and over again - I am a study of predators of lions in Botswana. You can not handle it.

In general, for a first timer for animals in Botswana, you expect to see is the obvious choice, but if you are more interested in the extraordinary landscapes that could exacerbate their decision.

IBiologist and safari guide and city planner so hard would be my inclination, Botswana. While many countries have wonderful unique safari experience in Botswana is my favorite. I really am a Tanzania / Rwanda / Botswana / South Africa tour next week. If you are interested, you can follow my progress on my Blog African Safari - if I add a link to my blog Africa safari at the bottom of this reply. It can give you an idea.

Enjoy your trip!

panthera said...

Botswana ** **

You can in a lodge in the Okavango Delta. are usually 3 or more stars. Another area in which opponents of the Okavango, Botswana to Chobe National Park in the north end of Kasane. This is the meeting point of the Chobe and Zambezi, and you can add Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, their packaging, because it is not far away. There are many elephants and other big five animals.
However, the Okavango Delta is unique in that is huge because of the Kavango River in the desert alone. since you are planning a honeymoon, I could take a romantic "Mokoro" from many walks along the canals, with a different animal.
"The Flood" is from June to August to May, but it's good. There are always plenty of water and the surrounding islands, and not the flood season, which would be easier to see animals.

The weather in May is pleasant. , The "Autumn", which basically means that it is too warm, not cold at all. The rainy season is over.

NoI do not know much about Namibia, but the majority of tourists to the subcontinent in the wilderness experience pure visit. Sand dunes also provide fun activities and the extreme right to the coast. Namibian cheetahs also shrines and Etosha National Park, the most important feature to gain a brief salt water in the summer of flamingos and pelicans.

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