Monday, January 11, 2010

Beer Mister Was "Cheers" The Greatest Show Ever?

Was "Cheers" the greatest show ever? - beer mister

SAM: What do you like, Normie?
NORMA: a reason to live. Give me another beer.

WOODY: Hey, Mr. Peterson, who is waiting in the cold.
NORM: I know. When she calls, I'm here.

SAM: What do you have Normie?
NORMA: Well, I'm playing in a mood, Sammy. I take a glass, which from the tap.
SAM: Looks like beer, Norm.
NORM: Call me Mister Lucky.

Woody: How are you, Mr. Peterson?
NORM: Poor.
WOODY: I'm sorry to hear that.
NORM: No, I want to say.

WOODY: What's the story, Mr. Peterson?
STANDARD: The Bobbsey twins go to the brewery. Let the happy ending.

WOODY: How feelings of beer, Mr. Peterson?
NORM: very nervous when I was in the room.

COACH: Can I have a beer, the standard?
NORM: No, I know what they seem. Just pour me this book.

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wanda said...

I absolutely love 'live'! u some good memories. I said, it is better to take a cold ...;)

Bistro said...

I liked this program. I know of no growth, but absolutely love it.

Stuart said...

In fact, while Cheers was a fun little show with a fan base, the numbers never the popularity of M * A * S * H is not.

In fact, the last episode of M * A * S * H still holds the record for the largest audience a program, always.

♥ERIKA♥ said...


starcrus... said...

Nah ... X-Files is the place where your.

Dart Swinger said...

STANDARD: Women ... with'em can not live ... Pass the beer nuts!

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