Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Aquarium Shower Curtain My Frog Jumped In The Hott Shower...?

My frog jumped in the hott shower...? - aquarium shower curtain

Geting was willing to take a shower and running hot water and know IHAD ididnt is one of my frogs and my fave jumped into the water and burned so badly she can not remember, the aquarium, it can only .. .. shes be vigilant and look around and all, but I feel so guilty .... Is there anything we can do better for them if its possible? I saw her jump and it is .... Help?


J C said...

Everything is really depends on the severity of the burn, the next time, if it is not too bad throws, or maybe a few flakes could, may, if the death of the frogs that are bad probably survive many traumas, I would like to take to a vet bu could see you give in a position to clean some antibiotics or disadvantages wound to ensure that this is not infected, and you also get to say how the burns and what the best course of action

Jake said...

able to see him to the vet, amphibians. May she needs medicine. Soak in warm water. they do both. and then it must also

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