Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Portable Cd Storage Is There Any Portable Radio That Also Is A Music Storage That Could Rip Cds Into Its Internal Hard Drive?

Is there any portable radio that also is a music storage that could rip cds into its internal hard drive? - portable cd storage

My mother wants an iPod, but do not know how to extract the CD into your computer or use a computer at all ... So I asked myself whether there devices on the market, a CD slot can be stores and music CDs into the internal drive burns even difficult, at any time could play with speakers? As a player / CD radio with a hard drive, the music, which contains all released from the device itself without the computer?
There is already a device that the work could be so simple?

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Xero said...

Bose system, Google Bose. Im not sure what the side, but have a radio / CD player, CDs onto the internal Hardrive can rip, but it is not acceptable, I do not think there are still players like MPs

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